Scalp Micropigmentation


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a form of cosmetic tattoo that creates the appearance of a close-cropped or shaved hair style. SMP is also very effective for men and women who are thinning on the top and crown area of their head. A full procedure is typically delivered over three or four treatments.

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The clear distinction to draw here is Scalp Micropigmentation is classified as a medical cosmetic procedure, and is delivered in a well equipped, hygienically clean environment.

For those among us living with Alopecia, SMP allows hairline creation on any part of the scalp - there have been many treatments delivered around the world where SMP is administered to the entire scalp, framing both the face, sides and rear of the head.

The equipment used is specifically designed and manufactured for the purpose of Scalp Micropigmentation. SMP is administered with a very fine needle, using medical-grade pigments, that have been formulated solely for the SMP. Pain is minimal, however a topical numbing cream can be applied prior to treatment, which provides considerable pain relief.

At the consultation, the practitioner should advise what can be achieved using SMP and what limitation may exist. Managing client expectation is very important. The goal is to have a realistic, natural looking appearance. SMP when completed by a highly trained and experienced practitioner should be virtually undetectable.

During your first treatment, the Practitioner follows a process to create your hairline and/or areas where SMP is required. This is a consultative process between the client and the practitioner.

The second treatment is primarily to build density to create the look of fullness and further blend with your existing hair.

The third treatment is generally the finishing touches - softening the hairline, perfecting the blend; all to create a realistic finished product.

What is SMP


Men with progressive hair-loss have few options available to avoid surgery, medication, lotions and potions to rub on the scalp.

In the case of a short-cropped or shaved style, Scalp Micropigmentation gives you the appearance of hair and customisation of a hairline. It is a very effective treatment to cover transplant scars or to build density where hair loss is visible, such as the crown (the rear of the head) if you wish to retain some length to your hair and disguise the thinning region of the scalp.

Many women are now engaging in the treatment to shade along the hairline at the temples or where the hair typically parts, where it may be thin due to medication, hormonal changes or simply thinned over time.

Scalp micropigmentation is about creating the most believable look of replicated hair as possible. The goal is to make every procedure look as close to 100% undetectable as possible.

How much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost? This will depend on the hair loss pattern of the individual, the area of the scalp to be treated and if any scars are present.