Everyone's pain tolerance is different. Most people comment that at the crown and top of the head the pain is very minimal.

The temple areas can be a little more sensitive, as there is not as much 'cushioning' however, most clinic's can provide a medical grade topical numbing cream that can be applied 20-30 minutes prior to your SMP procedure allowing significant pain relief.

Any quality SMP clinic uses strictly semi-permanent, medical-grade carbon based pigments (ink). The reason for this is they will not change colour over time. They will however, with recurrent exposure to UV and the elements lightly fade over the years.

Maximum density and shade will be retained for 3-5 years. At which point you would pop back in for a single top-up treatment, to keep your SMP looking at it's best.

No. Apart from some minor redness after the treatment which generally subsides within 24 hours, it's pretty much life as normal.

The clear distinction to draw here is Scalp Micropigmentation is classified as a medical cosmetic procedure, and is delivered in a clean, well-equipped clinic environment.

Scalp Micropigmentation is typically administered over three treatments with a very fine needle, using medical-grade pigments, that have been formulated solely for the SMP treatment.

During your first treatment, the SMP Practitioner follows a process to create your hairline and/or areas where SMP is required. This is a consultative process between the client and the practitioner, so you achieve the best results possible, while managing client expectation.

The second treatment is primarily to build density to create the look of fullness and further blend with your existing hair.

The third treatment is generally the finishing touches - softening the hairline, perfecting the blend; all to create a realistic finished product.

Heads come in all shapes and sizes - as does the amount of hair-loss for each individual.

The reality is, you will need to have a consultation assessment to assess how many Practitioner hours will be invested to get your dome looking awesome.

Do remember, price is just one of many factors you will need to consider when choosing the best provider for your situation.